Songs from Bible class

by Dead Languages

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released May 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Dead Languages Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Dream Car
I had six beers and a half smoked cigarette.
I've been waiting to tell you something, but you're not home yet.
Maybe someday I'll buy my dad a '69 corvette.
Black, with red interior, the kind he's always wanted.

(side note: my dad died on July 23rd, 2016. I never bought him his car)

You sent me pictures of the sky at noon.
I must be crazy, you're gonna be back soon.
The smell of sweat and a barely visible moon.
From the back seat I go screaming, behind the wheel, I go smiling.

But either way I go, and anyway I know there's nothing waiting at the end.
Track Name: My Cows (feat. M*A*S*H)
11, two lane highway, lined with farmland, cracked with rain.
Evangelical billboards that we pass along the way.
Checkpoint slowing traffic, shadows in the dying light

Turn on 81, stop at Wal Mart, steal some gum.
The radio goes static 20 miles from Fort Drum.
Snow storm slowing traffic, trooper's in the ditch.
Squint out at the exit signs, can't tell which is which.

See the arrow point to Buffalo.
Join The 90W, just a few more hours to go.

Sun breaks through the tree line, pass the racetrack, clutch the wheel.
Smile when I think of you, the only thing that's real.
Track Name: To: The Kidnappers
see Guns Out
Track Name: Recommended Dosage
Woke up with the sun.
Put on my coat.
Smoked a smoke.
Bought some antidepressants from the kid behind the gas station.

20 dollars less,
my jaw locked up,
I begin to sweat.
Shivered in the sun and hoped I wouldn't make it.

The reflection of a Volvo in the window
started blurring as the sun slipped behind the grey cloud cover.
Someone with some courage might have stood up and gone home,
but the ghosts inside that house won't leave me alone.

Set my sights on downtown.
Throw up along the way.
Right side of the 33, "That used to be inside of me".

Park behind a cop,
and curse his name under my breath.
Stumble through the churchyard, collapse under a tree.

The reflection of the branches in my eye
looked more beautiful than what went on behind.
Dream of nothing, hope for something more.
Hear the jury piling through the door.
Track Name: The Spring Fall Pts. 1 & 2
(for Spencer)
You left half a bottle of gin on the east side of the house
and the place next door, where the [redacted] used to live,
was quiet as a mouse.

We had a few shots of tequila left, and about four bottles of Guinness.
We said the Our Father in the living room, and finished them like nobody's business.

and the X Files played, and everyone had gone to bed, but we felt OK in the morning.

Now that I'm going home, I can't tell you what home feels like,
except that there's a couch, and a dozen fresh eggs, and someone always steals John's bike.

Remember when Eli beefed real hard at the bottom of the hill?
His boss made him come to work that night, the way that bosses will.

and the X Files played, and everyone had gone to bed, but we felt OK in the morning.

(For Matt)

Police stormed in around 2am.
The room was noisy, you were sleeping in your bed,
A cop burst through your door and told you to step outside.
You knew it was over the moment you opened your eyes.

and they kept you there, and tore your whole room apart,
and I hope you believe me when I say it's not your fault.

You got back 'round 4 in the morning.
The room was quiet now, but ready to blow without warning.
What the hell does a noise complaint have to do with the quiet kid anyway, and I hope you rot in Hell (fuck UP) for taking my friend away.

and they kept you there, and tore your whole room apart,
and I hope you believe me when I say it's not your fault.